Eligibility round: All the registered teams must send by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) Technical Report and a 3-minutes video showing the design and the operation of their robot. Deadline to submit the report and the video is september 1, 2017. The accepted teams to participate in the classification round will be notified by email on september 7, 2017 at this stage all teams have to prepare their robot for the regional competition, You can check more instructions and guidelines here, download the report template from here and check the score sheets here.

Classification round: All the ready robots will participate in order established by gambling. The teams will be sorted based on the score obtained in the classification round. In case of equality in number of points, the robot that finished the course in minor time will win. The 8 best teams will be classified for the final round. If insufficient number teams have finished the classification round, the judge committee can select some of the unclassified teams to participate in the final round.

Final Round: The classified team will have to realize a final course, being winning the best classified one according to the same guidelines. Also required from top 8 teams to give a 15 min technical presentation on a jury panel talking about their work and robot. See the presentation criteria here also check its score sheet here. The total score will be sum of mission score and presentation score. If a team or several teams don't finish the course, the judge committee must decide the order of the final classification, based on different arguments such as:

  • Minimum time of finishing the course in this rounds,
  • Minimum number of wrong detection
  • Being the unique team that keeps operating.

The organizers reserve the right to introduce any change in the regulations, whenever they consider it necessary for the development of the competition. The decisions of the judges will always be inappealable.

The organizers have the right to photograph and videotape the event and the right to reproduce, modify and use the photographs and video tapes for various media.

Before starting time, all participating robots must be ready. If a robot has not been ready just in time, this robot will be eliminated. Once the competition started, no new robots are permitted to participate. Once the competition started, no modifications in the participating robot will be allowed. When the turn of participation of each robot comes, only one representative of the team must take charge of starting it by just pressing a push-button switch. No team members are allowed to enter the minefield with the robot. Making any modification or changing the state of the robot's deep switches is not allowed unless a “Reset Time” is requested. Five minutes before the beginning of every round, the participants will have a limited time (according to a pre-established order), to perform last minute tweaks of their robots and to fit their robot's sensors to the lighting and the material of the arena.